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  About Security...

Whether you own a small convenience store or server room that safeguards many company’s secrets, you need products that make you feel safe, by design. Here at ORAS SECURITY, we offer just what you need with our access control and video surveillance systems.

Without a proper security surveillance and access systems in place, your business won’t be as protected as it should be from potential thieves and intruders. While these security systems don’t directly stop criminals, the cameras will certainly help deter them and the access control will notify or alarm on an event of a break in!. Plus, the main benefit of having them is that they will help you catch whoever is involved in the crime after the fact.

Of course, no surveillance setup is complete without a video management system to go with it. You need a way to search through all the footage you have after a break-in, and having an application that can help do that will streamline the process significantly.

Be sure to take the time to check out all the security products we have available to our customers. We’re positive that you’ll be satisfied with all the components of a complete video surveillance system that we have in stock on our site.